Dental Implants

We also offer the affordable dental implants to the patients for the natural looking smile apart from crowns and the bridges. These are the surgically placed implants below the gums, which are inserted after a series of appointments with the dentists for affordable implants. Implants are fused to the jawbones and are served as a base for artificial teeth, bridges or a denture.

But, for the dental implants, you need to have the healthy gums and adequate bone, which could support the implant. Whether you have healthy gums or not, and you fulfill the criteria of dental implants or not – these things are evaluated by your dentist, which we provide you.

There are two types of dental implants procedures, which are tooth implants and implant dentures. You can read the about the two below:

Tooth Implants


The tooth implant is required when you have a tooth or some teeth missing.


We provide dental implants for this problem, which is the most realistic solution. Implants are started with a surgically placed post, which is safely anchored into the jawbone. The artificial tooth is installed after approximately six months when the anchor is healed. The dental plants can also act as the teeth in situations when there are several teeth missing. To these dental implants, the bridges are fixed, which perfectly copy the functions of the original teeth that look healthy and natural. A bridge or partial dentures are considered as alternatives in some cases.

We also offer mini dental implants. Unlike the conventional implants, the mini dental implants are one solid piece that is screwed into the bone with a diameter that is smaller than 3mm,

Implant Dentures


The implant dentures are meant for the problems of ill-fitting and loose dentures. These types of dentures create difficulty in eating and can also cause the painful sore spots on the gums.


We offer an implant denture, which is the perfect solution to this problem. Usually, we place two to four implants, which are surgically placed in the bone. Similar to tooth implants, it takes approximately six months in the healing process of the bones. After that, the dentists start the constructing an implant. An implant denture is removable and comprises of the attachments on the underside, which are clipped onto the bar connected to the implants.


Today, when implants are considered as expensive treatments, we provide affordable dental implants to our patients. You can be in touch with us for the pricing. Our affordable dental implants can help you in getting the ideal treatment under your budget.